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Industrial Chain & Component Cleaning

Industrial chain & component cleaning

J.W.Stead’s have 20 years experience in cleaning and degreasing industrial chains, stenter carriers and clips and other industrial components.
We have a range of cleaning technology in our brand new purpose-built cleaning facility at our disposal. Our ultrasonic cleaners, soak tanks, industrial steam washers, vibration rumblers and a range of degreasing and decarbonising chemicals provide cleaning for all types of industrial parts.

This range of apparatus means that we can clean orders comprising from a range of materials, very quickly and efficiently. Using a quick cleaning process can help keep costs to minimum and ensure turn around times suit your shut down period. Obviously, job lengths vary according to order size and build-up but as a small, dynamic company we can adapt to fulfill most clients expectations.

We can remove carbon, oil, paint, latex, grease, enamels, varnish, nut protein, foodstuffs and more from cast chains, malleable iron, aluminium, phosphor-bronze, brass, plastics and more.

In addition to the cleaning of stenter clips and carriers, we also offer a full refurbishment service for complete stenter chains. This comprehensive service involves the inspection / replacement of all worn parts. Plates, pads, bearings, bushes and chain bolts can all be replaced. This process can give a new lease of life to your existing stenter chain, offering trouble free running and reduced downtime at a fraction of the new cost.

As well as stenter chains we can clean oven chains, paint jigs, engine components, bearings and marine parts. We have recently cleaned classic car engines and removed the nut protein from a confectionary line.

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Our products

Roller Coverings
Our roller coverings offer controlled grip, durability and resistance to high temperatures, abrasion, oil and chemical damage. Most coverings are available with a high-heat resistant self-adhesive backing with a silicone coated release paper, ensuring a guaranteed quality adhesion to the roller. > More
Pinplates & Pinned Products
We precision manufacture and repair all types of stenter pinplates and other pinned products. We make them for all stenter machine types as well as bespoke pinplates and pin blocks for other textile machines. > More
Stenter Brushes
We offer an extensive range of stenter brushes for all machine types. All our brushes are made in the U.K. or Germany and we believe they are the best quality stenter brushes money can buy. > More
Stenter Clips, Chain & Spares
Our range includes complete pin and clip carriers, pin protection clips, chain links, graphite slide rails and wear pads, drive belts, rivets, bushes, clip openers and closers, width adjustment nuts and gears. > More
Machine Knives
We manufacture and supply a range of circular blades and knives for the textile industry. Whether you require slitting knives, sheard blades, crush cutting blades or surface ground blades, we are confident we can help! > More
Our high quality Premium H.T and Atlas XHT oils have been specially developed for stenters to provide both high and low temperature chain lubrication. > More